Digital cable question: how to stop skipping & reloading?

My cable keeps like skipping, kind of like a CD, the picture reloads and the sound skips. It’s really annoying. Has anyone faced anything like this? I have comcast digital cable.

Answer #1: Call your cable company and see if they can reset the box from their office.

Answer #2: Unplug your cable box, wait a few moments, then plug it back in. It will reset itself.

Answer #3: Sounds stupid but simply un-plugging and then plugging in my cable box solves most of the problems I have with my service. It’s how you “reboot” the box. It can help.

Answer #4: Sometimes taking out the cable card works. *shrug* Atleast you don’t have cablevision.

Answer #5: I had the same problem for the last few weeks in HD. Called Insight cable and they had no idea what I was talking about. Theye rebooted my box, and so far it has worked fine. I suggest calling and having them reboot. If that doesn’t work, you do it yourself by unplugging, etc…

Answer #6: Do Yourself a favor, get rid of cable and get a Dish.

Answer #7: You can also reboot by holding in the power button but the unplug the box is a better reboot. Fact is with Time Warner digital cable there are always problems off & on…but if they are constant then I’d recommend the reboot. You could also call them & they may be able to do something with your signal feed. I know when I had a problem with Dish Network they did something like boost my feed (they said something like that) and it helped.

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